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Rules of a Rooster Fight and How to Judge Who Has Won

In many cultures, cock fighting is a popular sport. Two roosters are placed in an arena to fight, and people place bets on which one will emerge victorious. The use of drugs and other forms of cheating are common in cock fighting, so it’s important to know the rules of the sport before betting on a match.

Here is everything you need to know about cock fighting and how to judge who has won a match.

The Cock Fight Arena

A cockfight is usually held in a small ring known as an arena. The arena floor is typically sanded or covered with sawdust to absorb blood and other fluids that may be expelled during the fight.

There are also typically walls around the perimeter of the arena to keep spectators from getting too close to the action. So, gamble now at s888 as it is a safe site.

Before the start of the fight, each rooster is placed in its own pen, known as a staggering. The staggered are typically located on opposite sides of the arena, so the roosters cannot see each other before being released into the ring.

Not all arenas have staggering; sometimes, the roosters are released into the ring from their handlers’ arms.

The most important part of an arena is the sideboards. The sideboards are low walls that run along the sides of the ring and serve two purposes; they keep the roosters from escaping the ring, and they provide something for the handlers to grab onto when they need to stop their bird from attacking them.

The Cock Fight Rules

There are three main rules that govern cock fights:  no wing feathering, no spurring, and no biting. Wing feathering is defined as using any part of the wing to attack an opponent. Spurring is when a rooster uses its spurs (the sharp, pointed pieces of flesh that protrude from its legs) to slash at an opponent.

Biting is pretty self-explanatory; it’s when a rooster uses its beak to bite an opponent. These three rules are meant to ensure that both birds have an equal chance at winning and that handlers do not unduly influence the outcome of a fight.

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